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What will the appointment process look like when we arrive at BYOP?

At drop-off you will be greeted by our receptionist, and asked a series of questions, including but not limited to- updating your profile information, the type of hairstyle in mind for today's groom (or future grooming goals) and ask you to remove your pups leash and collar.

A grooming assistant will take your pup to the grooming area where he/she will be prepped and skin/coat will be assessed before making their way to the tub. After the bath your pup will be fluffed and brushed out ready for their grooming stylist to start the haircut.

Reception will send you an automatic phone call and text message alerting you that your pup will be ready in 20 mins, which alleviates the time your pup stays in our waiting pens.

How Long Will The Grooming Take?

WHAT A LOADED QUESTION (haha)- At BYOP Grooming Salon every dog is treated as an individual and every day is a different scenario of situations that can arise.

We take our time with each of our clients to ensure they are getting the undivided attention they deserve.

Some variables We deal with on a daily basis are: Hair Cut Request (Breed Standard, "Teddy Bear", etc), Coat Condition, Coat Length, Temperament and even the other dogs in the shop can dictate how long the process can be.

Do you pay extra for specialty shampoo/conditioner?

Here at BYOP the Shampoo/Conditioner Combo we use is tailored to your pet's skin and coat needs. There is no upgraded shampoos, just upgraded Packages or Services.

View our Packages Here!

How often should my pet be groomed?

*If your concern is about healthy skin and coat- the normal timeline for new skin cell growth is every 21 days. It is important to wash your dog at least ONCE a MONTH to avoid dead cell buildup which can cause infections, hair loss, color/pigment loss, more dander and smells. The longer you wait in between professional baths, the longer it will take to clean the dead skin cell buildup.

*If your concern is about matted hair- The length and type of coat really play a large factor in this question. The vague answer is, the longer the coat the more frequent you need to get a professional groom.

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1265 Clove Rd, Staten Island, NY 10301, USA

Word from the owner:

I have created and dedicated my life towards making a safe and comfortable place for your pet to be groomed and treated as our own- and it is all tailored by our passionate, hand selected staff members.

BYOP Grooming

1265 Clove Road, Staten Island, NY, 10301

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1265 Clove Rd, Staten Island, NY 10301, USA


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